Friday, March 30, 2018

Obligatory Dog Post - Slice of Life Challenge, Day #30

March 30, 2018

So I've made it this far without posting much about dogs, and I feel it would be remiss not to mention that I love dogs. The highlight of my spring break was being able to see a bunch of different dogs, believe it or not. Friend's, family's, and even the dogs of strangers. (I know, I know - next year I have to go somewhere and do something interesting if dogs are the highlight).

Here they are, in no particular order:

1. My dog, Arlo.

Arlo being nosy
Ok, this is in a particular order in the sense that my dog goes first. My dog is a sweetheart, unless you come upon him when we're on a walk, in which case he tries to bark you out of town. If you ignore him, he's a fluffy sweetheart. Unfortunately, he spent most of January and February with a very serious ear infection, and the poor thing is just getting back to normal. He still leans his head to one side much of the day, even though his behavior and balance have returned. I also have to clean his ears almost every day, which is pretty gross cause the ear gunk is still coming out (I will spare you any more details).
Arlo wanting to go outside

Arlo and I have spent a lot of the break bonding. He lays close to me when I type, so he's usually with me when blogging. Today we went on a wonderful walk. So I've enjoyed spending more time with him this break.

2. My mom's dog, Joey.

Joey is sort of a family dog, in that my parents got him and he's been at every family function. He's an adorable schnoodle. I saw him yesterday and he's had a pretty good week. Not too much else to report. I see him all the time.

3. My sister's dog, Angus.

Angus is a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. He is pretty large, but truly has no idea of his size, which creates some issues in the house. He is sweet, but an oaf. He likes to sit up straight on a kitchen chair and stare out the window. He also likes to sit next to you and offer his paw to you, so you just sit there holding his paw and looking into his eyes for a while.
Maeby and Angus

5. My sister's other dog, Maeby.
Maeby is a miniature schauzer and my family loves them. We've had about 6 in our family in some way or another since my childhood. I love them. Maeby is very energetic and loves to give kisses when you arrive. She also is somewhat in charge.

6 and 7. The two dogs the same sister is dog-sitting this week, Allie and Sadie.
These dogs are amazing. They are English Springer Spaniels and belong to someone in my sister's neighborhood. She is currently watching 3 kids and 4 dogs on spring break. Sadie is about 8 and very mellow and sweet and soft (Except when she sees dogs on the TV - she barks). Allie is about a year old and still in training. She jumps up at you when you arrive and comes up to you if you call any other dog's name and tries to horn in on the attention. I never knew this breed before, but they are so friendly and sweet, I love them.


8. My other sister's dog, Indy.

My older sister has this dog, Indy, that is a maltese and chinese crested mix, according to the rescue organization. He would play fetch all day long if possible. Literally. He doesn't like to be picked up, but he lets me so I feel special. :)

9. My friend's newly adopted dog, Barney.

My friend used to have big dogs with lots of fur that I am allergic to, so when she adopted this dog from someone who had health issues and couldn't take care of it, we were excited that I could once again visit at her house. Barney is teeny-tiny and adorable. He let me pick him up, gave me lots of kisses, and wanted attention from me when we met. My friend and her family are having a hard time adjusting to the different temperament of a small dog, but I think he's a great family pet.


10. My other friend's dog, Berkley.

I don't have a picture of the last dog I met over break, which was today. I met a school colleague/friend's dog, who is a mix of Corgi and Jack Russell Terrier. He was very energetic and sat right down next to me. We made friends very quickly, I'm happy to say. I should have taken a picture, I guess! Didn't realize I'd be making this post.

Ok, so those are the dogs of my spring break. Most of them. The ones I spent some time with - there was another dog my older sister was dog-sitting, named Bob, but I only saw him for a moment yesterday. So he doesn't count.

Overall, it's a good thing I came across so many dogs over break - I was starting to visit again, which is always dangerous...


  1. Aww- look at all those sweet faces!!

  2. This post made me laugh! I had one day over spring break where there was a dog or puppy around every corner. I didn't take pictures, but I did think about posting about all of the dogs I had met that day!