Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Too many cooks...


Today was one of those days. A day when you’re out of your classroom and at a meeting. Crowded into a small room with ten colleagues, trying to sort out something that really doesn’t take that many participants.

Too many cooks, too small of a kitchen, too much talking at once. Teachers sometimes laugh that they are the worst students, knowing they talk all the time. As someone who switched careers into teaching, this is extremely frustrating for me, because it truly wouldn’t be tolerated in many careers, nor should it.  

I already have issues with personal space and having a conversation when there are background sounds, so this meeting was a bit of a nightmare for me. Tense feelings and inappropriately-timed jokes add to the mix. Oh, and it was hot. So I lost my cool.

It ended three hours ago and I’m still trying to detox. Maybe because I am still getting over being sick, so I am short-tempered? Maybe these things happen?

How do you make it through meetings?

I  can use some sage advice because I just was informed I have another meeting in two days!




  1. I feel like you just described my day also! I wish I had the answer to how to make it through meetings. I've been in search of the answer to your question as well as trying to also figure out how to block out the negative energy. The struggle is real!

  2. I have a solution but we will need to meet about it first. Then we can talk about it and then have another meeting to hash it all out.

    There are days that I have like that, a meeting to plan a meeting.

    Sometimes I wish we could take the chairs out of the room. We all had to stand, which might speed it up a bit.

    Some days I wish we had a talking stick. Don't have the stick? No talking for you!

    Someone once used talking chips. If you wanted to say something you had to use a chip. Once your chips were gone you were not allowed to speak.

    Good luck. Think of it as a marathon. A long, hot and painful marathon.

    Sometimes I really like meetings. There are times when I just study faces to see what people are saying without verbalizing anything. Funny that you can start to pick up what they really think. Watch the people who aren't talking, they sometimes get me laughing. Eyes are rolled, fidgety hands when they are uncomfortable, etc.

    1. I am one of those people making faces throughout meetings! It has been discussed with me in the past! I can't always tell what my face is doing.

      I have to admit, I got worried when I saw the beginning to your comment and thought, "Who is this? How can we schedule a meeting? How do they know who I am?" LOL Thanks for your thoughts!

  3. Meetings like those are the worst. I especially hate the talking. Oh, how I hate the talking. It's so unprofessional.

    I'm sorry you lost your cool, but don't beat yourself up about it. It's done and over.

    I hope your NEXT meeting is better. :)

    1. Thanks! Another day, another meeting! I just realized we have a recess staff meeting tomorrow! Three days in a row!

  4. I usually try and set for myself the goal of having one take-away from the meeting. I HAVE to mine something out of it that is relevant to me. Even if it's a follow up question to ask. I also try as hard as I can to be solution-based. And I set my expectations low.