Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Living Vicariously

We have two more weeks until Spring Break, and, although it snowed a lot yesterday, I think we need to bump up the date to next week! Students are ready - or should I say, students seem to be mentally on spring break already!

I never have plans for spring break. Sometimes I am working at my part-time job and I can’t leave town. Usually I never consider doing anything because just a week without commitments or sleeping in does a lot for me, and also I can’t justify spending the money.

I feel like that needs to change...one of these days I need to take a nice, relaxing vacation and get away for spring break (or even summer - same story there!). What about you? Are you going away for spring break?




  1. I totally agree, a week without commitments can do wonders!! I am not going anywhere this year, but I just went to Cabo for winter break and it was beautiful. It is so much better than Cancun and so relaxing!!

  2. I'm all about the no commitment approach to that week! I hope you find your dream destination soon and if this post is a double- sorry. I was having tech issues.

  3. Ahhhh, a week free of commitments and full of sleep sounds lovely.

    We are going to visit a certain mouse in Florida.....!!!

  4. What about being a tourist in your own city? Do some touristy things you never have the time to do during the school year. Sometimes a stay-cation (I detest that word. I can't believe I just used it!) is the perfect way to unwind.