Friday, March 31, 2017


Hallelujah! I made it. I successfully posted every day this month! I am proud of myself and also a bit relieved that I do not have a daily assignment weighing over me. Today, I’ve decided to list a few lessons learned. Here they are, in stream-of-consciousness order:

  • I have a lot of long thoughts. My first few posts went on and on.
  • I got more out of writing long posts, but I don’t think people liked to read them.
  • I still am not a big fan of writing daily or journaling. It takes a lot out of me and requires a lot of personal censoring when you blog online.
  • I am proud that I kept it up, though, since this is the longest I’ve consistently written.
  • I’ve never commented online before and it was OK. Sometimes hard to write a comment when I don’t have a lot to say. Comments sometimes took longer than blogging for me.
  • I feel like blogging (for me) got in my head - I would feel disappointed if I didn’t get comments.
  • I liked reading others’ posts about struggles I understood or humorous anecdotes. I am not one to celebrate.
  • As time went on, I wrote shorter posts because I resented the time spent on my computer. I think this will motivate me to spend less time stuck on the internet, which is good.
  • I did feel like I didn’t always have a lot to contribute - I can write a lot about myself or my feelings, but who wants to read it? I live with my dog so there’s not a lot of action when school is out.
  • It made me want to read more - I have tons of books I have to read sitting on my shelves. This made me want to read them.

Overall, I am happy that I participated and went out of my comfort zone for the experience.  I am not sure if I will keep up the blog - maybe just the Tuesday posts will be more my style. Now that Congress is going to nullify our internet privacy, I am thinking of spending WAY less time on the internet - not that I am doing anything salacious - mostly shopping on Amazon for school or Zulily for home. I am already creeped out that items that I place in my shopping cart on one website show up as ads on my Facebook feed. Sorry - this was a tangent, but it is making me reevaluate my need for technology. Maybe I’ll go back to a quill and parchment?
We will see.


  1. Your final post of the Slice of Life made me laugh! First, they know what we do on the Internet anyway, so while I'm ticked at that, someone out there has that information.

    Anyway, I was struck by your second to the last bullet, about who would read this stuff anyway? LOTS of people! It's just like we tell our kids, you have a voice and with blogging it can be projected out there for the world to hear! True, sometimes, my blog is crap, but I know this and I make fun of myself about this.

    I've been blogging now for five years, and I go through period of time where I think "why bother" but the Slice of Life writing has helped me to see, I need to write! I expect my students to do this, why not me? :)

    Thank you for that great reflection! I hope to see you on Tuesdays here!

  2. i feel a lot of the things that you wrote! thank you for sharing all month long