Saturday, March 4, 2017

Lazy Saturday - Day 4

I have a lazy Saturday routine. A lot of us probably do, I suppose, or would if we could have a lazy Saturday. It becomes very lazy on a Saturday like today - since I’m trying to get over this virus or whatever, I’m going to allow it.

On Saturdays like today, my dog usually wakes me up. He stands up on my bed and gets very close to my face, and I know it’s time to let him out. Luckily for me, this is usually around 7, so I am able to sleep a bit longer than normal. I let him out, then feed him, and then take my place on the couch, to go back to sleep for a bit. He’ll join me by snuggling in, close to my legs, after he finishes eating.

Around 9 or so, I’ll wake up, and make a pot of coffee. And I’ll turn on one of my guilty Saturday pleasures - the family version of the Dog Whisperer. So I’ll sit, check the internet (What did you-know-who tweet today?), do some online shopping, and sip my coffee, while watching Cesar Milan help poor people with unruly dogs. (FYI to dog people - I am aware some of his methods are not research-based, but sometimes it’s interesting to hear his perspective).

Then, at ten, I watch Jack Hanna’s Animal Countdown. Jack Hanna makes me smile. At some point, I get sleepy again and will just doze off. My niece said to me once, “You sure are tired a lot.” I can’t imagine a teacher that isn’t.

Sometimes I feel kind of silly watching animal shows for kids, but I’ve realized to embrace it. I want to watch shows like Nature and Spy in the Wild, because I love animals and science, but I am too sensitive. I’m fine with the natural order of the world and predator/prey relationships, but I just can’t watch a cute little animal struggle on TV. So I am happy with shows my students should be watching. Meanwhile they will come in on Monday and tell me about a horror movie they saw :(

The best thing about this lazy Saturday routine is when it is a sunny Saturday. That’s what keeps me in lazy mode longer. Even better if the weather is warmer and I can have the windows open - a delicious cross-breeze refreshes the house and I can just enjoy being at home. Sunlight streaming in through all the windows, I just stare out the back door and can watch the clouds move or the birds flying overhead, and I love it. My favorite thing.

Today, when I woke up, there was SNOW (gasp!) on the ground again. We keep going back between spring/winter here in the midwest. But it’s sunny out and the snow has almost melted by now. I peeked around the corner of my house and there are crocuses blooming. I’m feeling a bit better, and I’m going to let myself just enjoy being able to relax in my house all day.

Being lazy.



  1. Rebekah- You just totally described my Saturdays! Crazy similarities. Great minds recharge alike :) What a relaxing read. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Those guilty pleasure shows are our solace. Thanks for sharing.

  3. You have no idea how insanely jealous I am right now of your Saturdays. I mean, really. Even your writing was calm and peaceful.

    Ahhhh.... someday....

  4. I especially loved your paragraph describing the weather, the windows open, the "delicious cross-breeze" (LOVE that!!!), the sunlight streaming through the room and the crocuses blooming. It sounds like this "lazy day" was exactly what the Dr ordered!!!

  5. Glad you are starting to feel better and I think that lazy Saturday is in order! Nothing better than lazing around - it is a wonderful gift. One that many of us don't get. Lovely, peaceful post!