Thursday, March 16, 2017

The best sister in town

In an earlier post, I lamented about how my older sisters wrote in my diary when I was younger. Now, I feel I must clear up a misconception: that was totally out of character for my sisters. They were very responsible, compliant children, in general. And I read their diaries, as well. I just didn’t WRITE responses in them.

Yes, they were good sisters, and put up with a lot. Here are a few things my sisters (1 younger and 2 older) deal with (notice I said STILL):

  • General silliness
  • Poorly timed jokes
  • Taking pictures of them while sleeping in 8th grade
  • B & S Sleeping.jpg
  • Posting the pictures on Facebook (in 2016)
  • Taking pictures of their backsides in the 80s
  • Brenna and Stephani butt.jpg
  • Posting the pictures on Facebook (in the 2010s)
  • Wearing their clothes without permission
  • Sitting on their beds in my birthday suit (this has not happened again since ‘84 probably)
  • Singing at the top of my lungs in the car
  • Insisting that the music in the car is what I liked so I could sing to it
  • Saying things that blatantly aren’t true to drive them crazy, like telling my sister it was raining when it was full-on sunny outside and we could see it
  • Teasing them about Johnny DeHerrera or Paul Bundalo
  • Embarrassing them in public (once I wore one of my grandmother’s wigs out of the house, only to pull it off when I caught the eye of a passing motorist)
  • Stealing their Madonna cassette tape and never giving it back (they probably don’t even know)
  • Bothering their friends when they come over
  • Tickling until they were in tears
  • Asking them to move in such a way so that they ended up by something I needed so I didn’t have to get up and could ask them to hand it to me (this drove one of them bonkers)
  • Chased them around the house, threatening to touch them with my thumb (I was a thumb-sucker for several years)
  • Told on my younger sister when she bought the Green Day album, Dookie, because it had bad language (I grew up in a household where the song Like a Virgin was banned)

There, I feel better. I did some weird things to instigate negative reactions. So you see, though my sisters violated my privacy and hurt my feelings outright, I did do a lot to get under their skin. It was my specialty.

Guess which one is me???



  1. What a great list and reminder!

  2. Oh, this post really touches my heart. I have a post coming in a couple days about my relationship with one of my sisters. I have similar memories as you and it makes me sad to think how our relationship is so strained now.

    When I had my second daughter I was so happy because I believe everyone should have a sister.

    Thanks for sharing your memories with us - so many of them made me laugh.