Monday, March 13, 2017

The Mondays

I’m almost halfway through this month-long challenge, and I’ve learned I am fairly long-winded. I seem to create posts that I think will be quick and then end up being quite long, at least in terms of blog posts. Today will not be one of those long-winded posts.

I have not had trouble with writer’s block, as I thought I would have. However, today I am having personal boundary block and don’t really feel like sharing anything. I would love to be uplifting and funny, but I’m not really feeling very positive today. I have some concerns about students and my teaching. I have big concerns about the country and world.

One of those days where I wish I had an emergency dessert on hand. I guess I’ll have to make myself one...



  1. Today I was lucky to find a draft post that I had started last year and worked it through. The key here is that you did post today! Hang in there the words will flow.

  2. We all have those days. Try not to be so hard on yourself. Tomorrow is a new day, but in the meantime, find that dessert! :)

  3. I love the honesty of your post. Sometimes the words come, but they belong to no one else but us. The contrast in your wishes and your reality today helped me to connect to this slice especially.

  4. I do that too, where I think it's going to be short and it ends up super long!

    So a post like this is just fine! No need to share when you don't want to.

    And I hope you find something yummy!