Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Slice of Life - Day 1 (Deep exhale)

The fact is, I’m not all that comfortable starting this blog. Somehow I got caught up when a colleague asked me if I was doing it, and then another colleague mentioned it. And then I signed up.

This is what I do. I am generally an overly cautious person. It runs in the family. Seriously, my favorite picture book character is Scaredy Squirrel, because I finally saw a character that reflected myself. Fear is a great motivator, however…

Every now and then I do the OPPOSITE of my normal, anxious self.  For example (in random order):

  • I was an extra in a Johnny Depp movie, playing a bank customer when he (as John Dillinger) held up a bank.
  • I flew to NYC without telling anyone to audition for the Met Opera Chorus.
  • I flew to NYC alone (again) to watch my favorite Russian tenor sing my favorite Russian opera.
  • I moved to San Francisco for “love” when I was 25. (I moved back two years later - you do the math)
  • I bought myself a ticket to see Madonna in concert. I went alone so I could sit in the 21st row.
  • Marched in an anti-Iraq war protest in San Francisco in 2003.

I realize, to most people, these things are no big deal, but I’m the type of person that puts off making phone calls rather than talk to strangers, never once ate in the lunchroom of a job I had for two years, and once just drove home and quit because I got lost on the way to a new job. So this list demonstrates that sometimes, out of the blue, I can shut out the doubt and do something for the heck of it.  I get a certain “feeling” - a sort of giddiness and intuition that I need to do something, that it’s my last chance, that at least I can say that I had the experience - and go for it.  

So far, I’ve not regretted taking any of these chances. That’s what I’m hoping for here.


  1. Welcome to SOLC 2017! This is my second year. Last year, I decided to take the plunge at the last minute after hemming and hawing about it. It's one of the best things I've experienced! I hope you find joy and fulfillment in the experience! And your list of "chances" sound like great experiences as well. Glad your taking this one!

  2. Your actions seem very brave to me. I've participated in this challenge a few years because I enjoy the connections with other educators. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Ummm, those things are a very big deal! I think you're secretly brave, actually.

    I think you will enjoy this challenge as well. I hope you're getting that same feeling about this crazy month long blogging challenge. You already did the hardest part - Day #1!

  4. You deserve a superhero cape my friend! I understand the "alone" part. Getting past one's fears is very private and personal. You have done some amazing things!

  5. YOU,my friend epitomize the fact that human beings are complex individuals. We are never just one thing. To me, you seem to be a risk-taker - just sayin.....Can't wait to read your blog!!

  6. I'm in awe of your "done" list - flew to NYC to audition for the Met? WOW! Super impressed by your bravery here!

  7. Oh my gosh, I loved this! I laughed out loud when you said you drove home and quit when you got lost. Not laughing at you, but laughing because I could totally relate and have probably equivalent things in my life.
    Those were lots of fun facts about you--thanks for sharing.