Thursday, March 2, 2017

Slice of Life - Day 2

I survived the first day! I was able to successfully share my blog and thoughts online. As I said yesterday, I have this tendency to be very cautious and compliant in life and then, BAM! I take a risk. So again, this is my risk, and here’s why…

I have never been able to keep a journal or diary. I have tried. When I was about 13 or so, I received a diary as a present. I still have it. My idea at the time, as I was developing into a properly angst-ridden adolescent, was that a journal would be where I write my deepest, darkest thoughts. And boy, did I. For maybe two days, I wrote about all my insecurities before I noticed something:

Comments suddenly appeared in the margins. Next to a paragraph about feeling ugly, there was “No you’re not!” Next to a paragraph about feeling alone there was “Everybody likes you!”

This handwriting was not mine. This was the handwriting of my older sisters.

That was it. I was violated, hurt, and embarrassed. I never wrote in that journal again, though I kept it, as evidence of trust broken. As leverage...

I tried to start journals (and hide them better) a few times as I got older, but the only times I ever felt moved to write were times that I was wallowing in self-pity. I would go back to read the entries later and start to think perhaps the writing was encouraging the self-pity, so I stopped.

So I’m hoping that by continuing with this daily writing, I will be able to break free from habit of just venting while I write, develop myself as a professional and as a writer, and walk that fine line between sharing and oversharing. I never thought I would sign up for a personal blog, but I have to admit, I’m already enjoying thinking of possible posts. And this time the comments are appreciated. :)



  1. Welcome! I have tried journaling over the years, but I get really self-conscious. I think you will enjoy this writing challenge and the people who participate in it. We are all in this together! Happy slicing!

  2. As a 12 year old I realized my grandmother was snooping around in my diary and so I started keeping both a real and a fake journal. Perhaps not the most honest plan, but it did increase my writing. ;)

  3. You've come to the right place for this development as a writer goal of yours! Yes! The writing muscle needs to be exercised and developed. Writing every day for 31 days - that's the workout we all need!!

  4. Unlike a diary, your writing is here for the SOLC world to see and what better place than with other writers who also feel some of those same feelings, but can give back in a supportive way! Keep going! It is hard but it gets easier!